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What is Car Insurance?

Car Insurance, also known as auto or motor insurance, is a type of vehicle insurance policy that protects you and your car from any risks and damages caused by accidents, thefts, or natural disasters. So, you will be financially secure in case of any losses that may be incurred because of any such unforeseen circumstances. In addition to that, you will also be protected from third-party liabilities.
Whether you want to just legally comply with the law with the most basic, third party car insurance, or give your car ultimate protection with comprehensive car insurance or own-damage policy, Digit offers you a third-party, comprehensive and own damage car insurance at affordable premiums online.
The best part? You can customize your IDV yourself, along with 10 beneficial add-ons to suit your car. So, whether you want to buy/renew a car insurance by Digit or make a claim- everything can be done online with our quick and simple smartphone-enabled processes.

Two-Wheeler Insurance

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What is Two Wheeler Insurance?

Two wheeler insurance, or bike insurance, is an insurance policy that helps you to cover against damages that may happen to both you and to your two-wheeler due to events like accidents, thefts, fires, or natural disasters. You will also get protection against liabilities arising due to damages to any third-party vehicle, property or person. A two-wheeler insurance covers different types of two-wheelers, like motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and more.

Why Do You Need Two Wheeler Insurance?

Two-wheeler sales in India reached an all-time high as of 2019, when India’s auto industry sold some 21 million units. This figure is almost double the 2011 sales, when just 11.77 million two-wheeler units were sold in India. This data alone speaks for the volumes of two-wheelers in India! (1)

With so many two-wheelers muddling across cities, accidents are prone to happen. Perhaps that’s why, at least having a Third-Party Bike Insurance is mandatory by law. This way, if you run into a third-party vehicle or someone bumps into you, you will be covered against any damages and losses caused.

Digit provides two-wheelers with three kinds of bike insurance policies. From the complete Comprehensive Cover to standalone Third-Party and Own Damage Bike Insurance Policies as well.

The best part? Comprehensive Bike Policies can further be customized by opting for add-ons that help protect your bike in all possible situations. All this within just a few minutes to spare online, and we’ll take care of the rest!

What is a Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

Commercial Vehicle Insurance is a customized motor insurance policy to cover for damages and losses caused to or by a commercial vehicle and the respective owner-driver. This could include damages and losses in situations such as accidents, collisions, natural calamities, fires, etc. It is mandatory for all businesses to buy commercial vehicle insurance for their vehicles, such as for auto-rickshaws, cabs, school buses, tractors, commercial vans, and trucks, amongst others.

Why do you need Commercial Vehicle Insurance?
  • If your business owns one or many vehicles, it’s essential to get commercial vehicle insurance that will financially protect and cover your business from any losses and damages caused to and by your vehicle (s) and the people using it.
  • If your primary business involves the use of vehicles, such as a regular cab service or a private school bus, commercial vehicle insurance will assure your stakeholders and passengers that they’ll always be protected and covered.
  • As a mandate by law, it is compulsory to at least have a Liability Only policy in place, that protects third parties against any damages and losses that could be caused by your commercial vehicle.
What is a Truck Insurance?

A truck insurance is a type of commercial vehicle insurance policy customized to suit trucks that are used within business functions such as for trucks used for delivery purposes, pick-ups and, goods transportation, amongst others. Truck insurance is vital for any business as it financially protects the respective commercial vehicle from any damages that can be caused due to accidents, collisions, natural calamities, fires, and thefts.

Why should I buy Commercial Truck Insurance?
  • If you’re running a business, chances are you have at least one or more trucks as part of your operations. Given that it’s part of your company assets, it’s important that it is protected and covered for, so you or your business don’t face unplanned losses in the case of unforeseen and unfortunate situations.
  • Having a truck insurance in place means your business will be covered in the case of any financial losses faced due to and by your truck. This also means you’ll avoid any possible downtime, maintain a profit margin and can instead spend money on your business growth.
  • As a mandate by law, it is compulsory to at least have a Liability Only policy in place, that protects third-parties against any damages and losses that could be caused by your truck. However, given the risks trucks can be faced, it’s always better to have a standard package policy that will protect your own truck and owner-driver as well.


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